On Bonaire you have freehold land and long lease land. Just under half of the habitable area consists of long lease land, so an important part. Long lease land is usually issued by the government for a period of 60 years. After that you can file a request for granting. The issue of long lease land (or granting) must be done through the notary. The person who has the Right of Leasehold pays a ground rent for this annually. For a plot of 10,764 sq.ft (1,000 m2), you should take into account an annual canon of approximately $750.00. In addition, ground tax or property tax also must be paid annually, this is the same as with owned land

Erfpacht of eigendomsgrond Bonaire

How do I get a plot of long lease land?

Long lease land is only issued to adult residents of Bonaire who do not own any other real estate. To be eligible for a plot of long lease land for housing, the applicant must complete a form and submit it to the Spatial Planning & Development Department.

There is a long waiting list for leasehold plots and not many available. Other conditions apply for commercial plots.

Selling a house on long lease land

Until June 2020, leasehold land, both built and undeveloped, could be sold. The condition was that there was a wind and watertight building on it. Nowadays, approval is required for the sale of a house on long lease land. It is then tested whether the building has been built in accordance with the building permit. The property cannot be sold without this permission. Please note that it can take 2 to 3 months for permission to be granted.

Example of approval for the sale of a house on long lease land

Sample letter of application for approval sale of long lease land

What if you disagree with the leasehold note

If you do not agree with the leasehold invoice, you can submit a complaint to the Finance Department of the local government Bonaire (OLB). You can submit your written complaint with attachments to the OLB desk at Kaya Amsterdam or by emailing the complaint to belasting-olb@bonairegov.com

Harbourtown Real Estate can help you!


If you sell your home through Harbourtown Real Estate, applying for approval for the sale of a property on long lease land is part of our service. As long as the approval has not yet been issued, we always include the issuance of the approval in the purchase agreement as a resolutive condition in the event of a sale (read more about this). If you sell your home yourself or if you want to be sure to request permission in advance, you can also contact us. We can take care of that for you, but we also have a sample letter available that you can use (free of charge). If you would like more information, please use our contactform or send an email to info@harbourtownbonaire.com.



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Our real estate agent on Bonaire is happy to help you find your dream home or perhaps the right piece of land on which you can build your own villa. But we are also happy to assist you with the sale or rental of your home. Since 1989, Harbourtown Real Estate has been the place to be to help you realize your housing needs.

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