Want to rent out your home in Bonaire? But with a familiar and calm feeling? If so, Harbourtown Real Estate is happy to help. Our firm has extensive knowledge and experience in the field of rental properties. We also have agreements with large companies that rent from us. We specialize in rentals starting at 6 weeks and long term rentals on Bonaire. Less do we focus on short-term vacation rentals.

The 7 steps to home rentals in Bonaire:

Step 1: Rent determination

We are happy to visit the house, villa or apartment you want to rent out. This gives us a picture of the property and allows us to make a good proposal for a rental price. We are also happy to discuss with you the period you want to rent and the preconditions involved. We will discuss the options and explain all the pros and cons.

Step 2: Contract for house rental on Bonaire

If you choose to rent out your apartment, villa or house through Harbourtown Real Estate, we will prepare an assignment of services (OTD). To do this, we then need the following information:

  1. Deed of delivery (notary)
  2. Copy Passport
  3. Name-address-residence data and of course the bank account number.

In the contract, we record that you commission us to work together on your apartment, villa or house.

House rental on Bonaire

Step 3: Presentation

With renting comes presentation on the website. We will come by to take beautiful pictures. We use these to present your house on the website. The photos will convey the best possible image. In addition to a presentation on our website, we also promote the property on social media, such as Facebook.

Step 4: Viewings

Prior to a viewing it is always best if a house is neat and tidy. Your rental agent at Harbourtown Real Estate will take into account as much as possible existing agreements when renting a house on Bonaire. For example, if we know that the house will be cleaned every Friday morning, we will course to schedule a viewing on Friday afternoon. We also try to merge multiple appointments as much as possible, so that the resident does not have multiple viewers in the house each week. Finally, we also always strive to provide brief feedback to you, the homeowner, after the viewing, if you appreciate it.

Step 5: Rental agreement for hire

After we select the best tenant for your home, we will prepare a rental agreement to rent your home. The tenant must have paid the deposit and rent before they get the key. On the move-in date, we do a check-in with the tenant to determine the condition of the leased property. During this appointment, we will take photos of the entire house and its inventory if it is offered furnished. If necessary, also of the water and electric meters. After completion, the key is handed over and the tenant can move into the house.

Step 6: Renting a house on Bonaire with peace of mind

Perhaps the most important step for you as a landlord: the payment of rents. Once a tenant has paid the rent, this payment will be processed by our finance department. They will then transfer the rent payment to your bank account within two business days minus the brokerage fee for our services.

Of course, sometimes unexpected things come up that need to be carried out. A rooftile blown off the roof by a storm, for example. We usually make arrangements with home owners that we can decide up to $250 ourselves. Above that, we will always be in touch.

House rental Bonaire

Step 7: End of rental

For long-term rentals, we make an appointment with the tenant one month before the end of the agreement for an interim inspection. After all, when renting out a house, you also want assurance that the house will be returned in good condition. At such an interim inspection, we will then check the house in advance and compare it with the photos from the start of the rental period. Furthermore, we indicate what the tenant still needs to be done before the lease ends and the key can be returned. Work that needs to be done, we check at the final inspection. Should anything remain outstanding, the cost of this will be deducted from the deposit. Fortunately, in most cases, the tenant simply gets the full deposit back.

Please feel free to contact. Harbourtown Real Estate Bonaire offers you a high level of service where respect, time and attention to the client and above all love for the job is key.

Make the right choice for home rentals on Bonarire. Our rental agent is happy to make time for an appointment or a no-obligation consultation at your home or office.

Feel free to drop by our office at Kaya LD Gerharts 20. But you can also make an appointment with a rental agent from Harbourtown Real Estate. We can be reached by phone at (+599) 717 5539 or email verhuur@harbourtownbonaire.com.

Your specialist in Real Estate!

Our real estate agent on Bonaire is happy to help you find your dream home or perhaps the right piece of land on which you can build your own villa. But we are also happy to assist you with the sale or rental of your home. Since 1989, Harbourtown Real Estate has been the place to be to help you realize your housing needs.

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