Water and electricity

When you buy a house, the connection for water and electricity must be transferred to your name. This is only possible after you have been to the notary for the transfer. For this you go to the WEB, the Water and the Electricity Company Bonaire. It is best to make an appointment in time, preferably 1 to 2 weeks before the transfer:

  1. By phone: (+599) 715 8244
  2. WEB office: Kaya Gresia z/n


You pay a deposit when you connect. These costs are:
1. Connection Fee: $40
2. Water Deposit: $100
3. Electricity Deposit
– regular capacity (3×35 kVA): $ 150
– higher capacity (3×80 kVA): $ 370
4. Deposit per air conditioner: $75

Calculation example
Your home (3x 35 kVA) has 1 air conditioner, then you pay $365: $40 costs and $325 deposit
Your home (3x 35 kVA) has 2 air conditioners, then you pay $440: $40 costs and $400 deposit
Your home (3x 35 kVA) has 3 air conditioners, then you pay $515: $40 fee and $475 deposit

You can pay this deposit in cash or via pin at the cash register, but you can also transfer it to:
# MCB Bonaire: 915.041.02
# RBC Bonaire: 8400.0000.2305.7557

Opening hours WEB

The WEB is open every working day:
Morning: between 07:30 and 12:00
Afternoon: between 13:00 and 16:30

For more information, visit the WEB website: www.webbonaire.com

All forms required for the (re)connection for Water and Electricity are also available on the WEB website under downloads .

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