Pagabon: pre-paid electricity

The supplier of water and electricity on Bonaire is WEB: Water en Energiebedrijf Bonaire NV. In most homes there is a regular connection for electricity, but sometimes home owners choose to use Pagabon. You often see this in rental properties. The tenant then buys an upgrade for the electricity himself.

Points of sale Pagabon credit

Pagabon credit is available from $10 at:

# WEB Headquarters & Rincon

# Gas station Gas Ekspres (Kaya Neerlandia)

# Van den Tweel Supermarket

Advice: make sure you have the number of your Pagabon meter with you if you want to buy new credit.

There is usually a $ 75 deposit on a Pagabon meter. Keep this in mind when transferring a home!

The WEB annually determines the rates for water and electricity. More information about the current rates and conditions can be found on the site of WEB Bonaire. Also on our page about Water and Electricity connection you will find more important information.

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