Did you know that when transferring a house on Bonaire, the Curoil gas cylinders must also be transferred? Selling your home or condo involves more than just handing over keys. Many buyers and sellers do think about transferring from the WEB or Internet.

An essential aspect sometimes overlooked is the transfer of Curoil gas cylinders. This is because Curoil’s gas canister rental is personal and not linked to an address. This means that when you sell your home, the gas cylinders are not automatically transferred to the new owner.

Contract modification

The quickest and easiest way is for the buyer and seller to go to Curoil together to change the ascription of the contract. No appointment is necessary. However, it is important to include the following information:

  1. Deed of delivery with notary’s signature.
  2. Previous contract. With this, the seller gets the deposit back.
  3. Copy of passport

Upon presentation of the previous contract, the seller will get back the deposit paid in the past for Curoil gas cylinders. The buyer can pay the cost of the new contract on the spot. Once this is settled, the name change will be implemented by Curoil.

If it is not possible for one of the parties involved to attend in person, it is possible to make an authorization.

Click on this link for more information.

Online arrange Curoil gas cylinders

It is also possible to arrange the transfer through Curoil’s website. However, this takes longer to process than a visit to the office. This requires first creating a Curgas ID and paying the required fees online in advance. Then the required documents can be emailed to orders-bonaire@curoil.com.

It is important to note that failure to transfer gas cylinders to your name can result in a gas-free period that can be as long as two weeks. It is not permitted to move gas cylinders yourself.


When renting out your property, we recommend that the Curoil gas cylinder contract be in the name of the property owner. So not in the tenant’s name, because then the procedure has to be gone through with every rent change.

New application of Curoil gas cylinders

Do you want to cook with gas in your new home? Then you get to the point where you need to apply to Curoil for new gas cylinders. In that case, it is also best to stop by Curoil’s office. After the contract is then drawn up, there will be an inspection of the installation. Only after this is approved will the gas cylinders be delivered to your home. This may take about 2 weeks.

Cost of Curoil gas cylinders

The transfer fee is $254.66 (price level: February 2023). These consist of:

  1. The cost of two full gas cylinders: $52.50 per cylinder (total: $105)
  2. Deposit: $69.83 per bottle (total $139.66)
  3. Administration fee: $10.

For current prices, we recommend contacting Curoil.

By following this procedure carefully, you can ensure that the transfer of Curoil gas cylinders at sale in Bonaire goes smoothly and without unnecessary interruptions. It is an important aspect to consider when arranging the sale of your home on this beautiful island.

Details of Curoil

Address: Kaya Aruaco z/n
Opening hours : on weekdays from 8AM to noon and from 1PM to 5PM.
Phone numbers: (+599) 717 7022 / 7025 / 7027
Email address: bonaire-cs@curoil.com


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