Selling your house: what are the costs for me as a seller?

When you sell a property, the seller is responsible for the sales commission. In principle, the seller “hires” the real estate agent for the sale of the property. In this blog we will explain the costs seller. 

Costs seller

The buyer’s costs are, as the word implies, borne by the buyer. The transfer at the notary, the retrieval of the data and the registration at the land registry are therefore for the account of the buyer. For the seller, however, there are still a number of costs, almost negligible, but they are there.

The notary charges a deed of cancellation fee with 8.5% office costs and 6% ABB (VAT) on top. There are also cadastral costs, the rate deed of cancellation.

In 2022 the costs for this were:

Notarial fees

Fee Deed of Cancellation                              $ 201.00

Office expenses 8,50% over $ 201.00     $    17.09

VAT 6% over $ 218.09                                     $    13.09

Cadastral fees

Cadastral fee Deed of Cancellation         $ 65.00

The total additional costs are therefore $ 296.18, which will be borne by the seller. These are fixed costs and do not depend on the size or value of the property.

These data are based on known data in 2022 and are indicative only. No rights can be derived from it.

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