Jan Kees den Hartog (owner), Brigitte Bruinsma (rental), Jolanda Strik (owner/realtor), Sanderijn van Tol (finance), Kelsey Hulsdouw (sales)

Real Estate Agent
Nice to meet you, my name is Kelsey Sharon Hulsdouw. I have been working at Harbourtown Real Estate since the beginning of 2021. And I started the study as a real estate agent at the beginning of 2022.I have been living on Bonaire since 2019, I came here with the intention of doing volunteer work for a few months and then finding a paid job for a short period.
Real Estate Agent / Owner
As a broker I am happy to help you find your dream home or sell your home or apartment on Bonaire. Harbourtown Real Estate is established in 1989 and I am the owner of this company since 2020. My introduction to Bonaire started in 1995 when I did an internship in the rental of villas and apartments.
Rental Agent
I am your rental agent!In love with Bonaire since 2014 when I was here for the first time. In 2018 I decided to come and live here, which I started doing in March 2019.I have been working for Harbourtown Real Estate since August 1, 2019. Initially I only did long-term rental, but now I also specialize in MID-term rental. On google you can read some reviews about Harbourtown Real Estate.
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